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Motivational Speaking

Donnie Thurman, Jr. is one of the most prominent motivational speakers worldwide. Whether he is speaking to a crowd of 30,000 people or 3, he puts his heart into everything he does. He has the uncanny ability to relate to both young and old, and make you leave the room with an urge to change someone’s life. Donnie’s keynotes have been described as life-changing and memorable. He has spoken to over 850,000 people in 38 states for all types of organizations, churches, and schools.

“Whether you are a business owner or an inner city high school kid, this young man will make the time with you well spent.” –Glen Stribling, Assistant Executive Director of the National Beta Club

To Donnie, motivational speaking is just that: an opportunity to motivate someone through speaking. He is not into wasting time with needless babble; he wants to make every second count because he loves what he does.

Donnie has a money back guarantee. If Donnie does not successfully meet the needs of what you have agreed upon, your money will be refunded. Donnie is humbled for any opportunity that he gets, but he prides himself on delivering speeches that have the highest quality. If you need a great motivational speaker who will work the hardest for you, please contact Donnie Thurman, Jr.

Keynote and Workshop Topics

Donnie offers workshop services that are second to none. His intense understanding of his craft has blessed him with a wealth of experience. The workshops that Donnie facilitates are very entertaining, but Donnie focuses more of the content. In his workshops he wants to present information in a fresh way. All of his workshops have elements of group participation that make learning fun for both young people and adults. There is also a heavy use of technology that is used to keep the presentation both fun and informative. Donnie’s firm belief is that when a workshop is done right, the knowledge will be taken from the workshop setting and shared by those who participated. Donnie has workshop topics for every age, and every profession. If you need a topic not listed, Donnie will customize a workshop just for you!

Some of the topics include: (All of Donnie’s Workshops can be as short as 1 hour, or as long as 2 days.)

Make It Happen:

An intense study of goal setting. This workshop encourages people not to simply set goals, but to go and achieve those goals. This workshop is great for Middle and High School Students who are trying to realize their potential.


This is a great team-building workshop that is excellent for those looking to make their organization function at the highest of levels. In this workshop Donnie shows how we can accomplish so much more by simply working together. This workshop is great for any business, team, or group that wants to reach new heights.

Love & Relationships:

In an age where everyone wants to be accepted, this workshop focuses on healthy relationships. What is love? What is the right relationship for me? These are questions that Donnie focuses on in this awesome workshop. This workshop can be changed and customized for whatever group Donnie speaks to. Both school and church youth groups have marveled at how the workshop has affected the lives of their participants.

Finding Your Purpose:

Everyone has a specific purpose in life, and this workshop focuses on the importance of people to find their purpose. Whether you are a business owner or an event planner, this workshop will be great for your event.


Donnie has watched this culture, and he sees a common problem with a lot of young people; the lack of focus!!! Their attention is being drawn in so many different directions, and this causes them to put their focus in all of the wrong places.  When speaking on this topic, Donnie encourages the audience to focus on the things that important because it is fundamental to their success.  Thurman uses an amazing story and song to drive this point home in a way that any audience is sure to never forget.

Moral Courage:

Donnie knows that this country and world are dealing with issues that can be dealt with best by attacking the true issues.  Donnie sees that young people are making poor decisions regarding drugs, alcohol, sex, and many other areas.  Donnie is a firm believer in the fact that if young people gain more moral courage, they can be more successful in their lives.  Donnie’s presentation on moral courage is one that intrigues the audience and makes them understand the importance of formulating positive values in their lives.  This presentation is one that has been said to impact young people in a way that very few can.


You are what you think you are!!! I this presentation Donnie explores the impact of positive thinking, and the importance of thinking good of yourself.  Donnie stresses the point that your affirmation should never rely on what someone else thinks, but rather on what you think about yourself.  Donnie personal testimonies always inspire students on this topic.

Time Management:

We don’t have all of the time in the world!!  For some reason young people sometimes feel that they can procrastinate and still succeed.  Donnie tells them the importance of doing first things first, and putting their lives in proper order.  After this presentation, students are compelled to “procrastinate later!!”

Stress Management!!

Sometimes the pressures of life get heavy, and the added requirements in schools aren’t exactly easing those pressures for students.  Donnie has analyzed this concept extensively, and believes that there should be a balance between learning and leisure.  In this presentation, Donnie shows students and teachers alike different and unique and hilarious ways to manage the inevitable stresses that life puts upon us.  This presentation is one that will leave the audience with a newfound appreciation for managing stress.

Bridging the Gap:

The relationship between student and teacher is one of the most important.  In many circles, there is a gap that isn’t ideal for the learning process.  Donnie has seen this, and as a teacher, he knows that a good relationship between students and teacher is vital for success.  This presentation is one that allows students and teachers to communicate in ways that will broaden there perspectives, and create deeper and more meaningful relationships between students and their teachers.  This presentation has the amazing ability to make schools even better.

For more information on workshop topics, please contact Donnie! These topics can be blended, or completely changed to meet your needs!